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Portraits Wanted

Gudeman mentions in his preface that he had not found or obtained portraits of the following scholars (the links lead to portraits of those I have found):

Scholars for whom "no pictures ever existed":

  1. Henri Estienne
  2. Lodewijk Caspar Valckenaer
  3. Valens Acidalius
  4. Jacob Bernays

Scholars for whom, if pictures existed, "have so far eluded my long continued search":

  1. Plato
  2. Cyriac of Ancona
  3. Nicolaus Beraldus
  4. Gabriel Brotier
  5. Henry Fynes Clinton
  6. Peter Elmsley
  7. Rudolf Hercher
  8. James W. Donaldson
  9. Raphael Kühner
  10. Frederick Henry Marvell Blaydes
  11. Albert Curtis Clark
  12. Georg Ludolf Dissen
  13. Anton Westermann
  14. Lucian Müller
  15. Adolf Ebert
  16. René Cagnat