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I present the Imagines Philologorum, 2nd edition, somewhat as Gudeman intended:

  1. Title
  2. Frontispiece
  3. Preface
  4. Abbreviations
  5. Portraits

In a printed edition, the Biographical-Bibliographical-Necrological Index would have followed the portraits. In this digital edition, I have placed biographical information from the index below each portrait.

The typescript Biographical-Bibliographical-Necrological Index can be found here. I omit the bibliographical and necrological parts from this edition because most scholars' here have links to resources which include bibliographies, and at any rate I assume most visitors to this site are mostly interested in the portraits.

Sources of the Portraits

All portraits presented here are from Gudeman's personal collection except where noted. Gudeman had portraits copied for some scholars, e.g. Karl Dindorf, where he did not possess his own copy of their portraits. These were painted by the Austrian artist Hans Lang (1898-1971).

I have silently corrected Gudeman's biographical details (names, place/dates of birth and death) where I have found mistakes. The biographical descriptions have been left wholly uncorrected.

Place and Personal Names

With few exceptions, I have not modernized the names of places (so one will find Breslau but not Wrocław, Königsberg but not Kaliningrad). I have not tried to standardize names but have used the form of names that are most familiar to me and, I presume, most English speakers. I have preferred the Latin names of early modern scholars, though I have occasionally given alternate forms of names.

Added Information

I have added to Gudeman's information in two ways.

First, I have added each scholar's nationality. In most cases I have relied on the biographical sources I used to determine a scholar's nationality. In some cases there are obvious anachronisms. Please contact me with corrections.

Secondly, wherever possible, I have included at least one link to a more detailed online biography. Often these biographies are to be found in the scholars' native languages; I've also added links to Wikipedia entries in English.

Further Resources

Readers may refer to the Links and Bibliography for the online and printed sources listed in the "Further Resources" field that accompanies many scholars' entries. Gudeman's own sources and his abbreviations for them are listed under Abbreviations.